About MAPS

MAPS (Multi Asset Portfolio Solutions) offers a range of implemented diversified portfolios which are designed to dovetail with the advice processes of financial advisers.

The MAPS portfolios, as implemented on the MAPS chosen operating platforms, offer advisers a highly competitive low-cost and lower-risk end-to-end solution when compared with the many alternatives available.

MAPS offers passive, active and innovative core-and-satellite solutions.

The portfolios fit with the outputs of most of the risk profiling processes and systems used by advisers and are designed to complement what the adviser is doing. With MAPS, an adviser can be more confident that the implemented investment solution will remain consistent, after the initial investment has been made, with the process used by the adviser with the end investor during the advice stages of the process.

The passive solutions offer a low-cost implemented multi-asset solution for advisers who believe in a passive over active approach. The active solution is appropriate for advisers who believe in a fully active approach and those who wish to have an implemented solution using underlying RSM Research instruments.

The innovative core-and-satellite solution uses passive investment to form a low-cost core where active management is less likely to add value and uses high-alpha active instruments for asset classes where active management has the potential to add value. The result is a series of blended portfolios which are relatively low cost but which offer the potential for excess return. This core-and-satellite approach is similar to the approach taken by large and sophisticated institutional investors who often adopt a passive core and then focus their risk and governance budgets on asset classes where active solutions can be expected to operate successfully.

In instrument selection MAPS works in partnership with experts on passsive and active investment. MAPS utilises the expertise of RSM Research for active instruments and of sister brand TCF Investment for the passive components. The MAPS Investment Committee which consists of highly experienced investment experts from a variety of backgrounds brings together the components of oversight, strategic and tactical asset allocation, instrument research and selection, risk analysis and management, and implementation.

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